Reciprocating Air Compressors & Their Importance

Reciprocating Air Compressors & Their Importance

As time changes, the need for substituting compressed air has become a need in many industrial applications. Air compressors have become an everyday necessity to bring in productivity and efficiency in manufacturing today. However, many of us may not realize that most products we use today in our day-to-day life are made by using compressed air. Great suppliers make an essential asset to successful businesses functioning smoothly. In today’s market, we can find a lot of reciprocating air compressor suppliers in eastern India. Buying a reciprocating compressor demands an enormous investment from you. So, you must have adequate knowledge about the compressors models and options. Finding a reputable supplier at a competitive price is a real challenge for any industry from small to large.

Reciprocating Air Compressor

A reciprocating air compressor is also known as a piston compressor which has a piston that moves downwards in its cylinder to reduce pressure and create a vacuum. It works by using the positive displacement method. The piston draws air into the cylinder chamber, and then compressed air moves into a storage tank. Sometimes productions units opt for another modification of reciprocating compressors called a two-stage compressor. It simply features an additional piston to increase the PSI produced.


These types of compressors are used in various industrial applications for different purposes. Reciprocating air compressors are found in every work setting, including automotive workshops, chemical plants, oil refineries, agriculture, natural gas processing, refrigeration technology facilities etc. There are countless reciprocating air compressor suppliers in eastern India availableto guide you through finding the best air compressor solution for your business.

Intermittent Tasks

Reciprocating air compressors are designed for intermittent cycle applications as the total power availability of the compressor is needed. When the demand stops, it shuts off automatically to reduce power consumption. This compressor type is mainly used in industries where there is a need for fluid compression at intermittent duty cycles. The air compressors suppliers recommend reciprocating air compressor design for manufacturing units which requires reduced energy usage and less maintenance.


The reciprocating air compressor suppliers offer both oil-free and lubricant varieties. In addition, it can be base mounted or tank mounted to decrease the restraints of placement. There is a wide range of options available in the air compressors market regarding the functionality, design and additional features for any industrial application. The best reciprocating air compressor suppliers in eastern India help you find a flexible air compressor specifically designed to suit your needs.

High Efficiency

Reciprocating compressors are known to produce higher pressures while at the same time using less energy to function. This makes this compressor type highly advantageous to more comprehensive applications requiring intermittent usage with high pressure. The primary feature of reciprocating compressors includes standard simple electrical controls and mechanical components. As a result, air compressors have become invaluable for obtaining high efficiency and productivity to keep up with modern-day demands. To enable industries to maintain a competitive edge, air compressor manufacturers has come up with innovative solutions. It is focused on lower energy necessities, speed, and reliability with excessive ability to withstand complicated situations.

Higher Pressures

The air compressors are developed to sustain higher pressure levels as they work with heavy-duty components with high horsepower motors. Reciprocating types can produce higher pressures compared to rotary screw varieties. Air compressor suppliers offer their extensive support to the manufacturing units through their invariable solutions. They may also suggest you go for quality over cost.

Installation and Maintenance

To reduce the risk of financial loss and productivity, industrial units must do their preventative maintenance routine to avoid downtime. The simplicity of the reciprocating compressor’s design usually requires less maintenance or repairs. Air Compressor suppliers typically offer installation and service maintenance packages that include replacing proper parts needed to keep the compressor in top running condition.

Air compressors are the number one choice for many factories like food and beverage, automotive, power plants, and other manufacturing sectors. It acts as a driving force based on productivity and mechanization. Each air compressor needs to produce balanced pressurized air that is free of impurities and moisture. The reciprocating air compressors have several advantages over other kinds of air compressors. The most eminent advantage of the reciprocating type is to reach a high range of pressures. If you plan to purchase a reciprocating compressor from a reputed supplier, you should consider the points mentioned above before taking the final decision.

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