How to Save Money on Maintenance of Air Compressors

How to Save Money on Maintenance of Air Compressors

Undoubtedly, an air compressor is an integral part of every large-scale industrial plant. It is used to compress air for several mechanical purposes. These large machines are reliable, versatile, efficient, and convenient to use after training. They are specifically used in industrial units like automotive, general engineering, oil refinery, gas plants, breweries, etc. However, the maintenance cost of air compressors is higher than other types of machinery installed in a unit. There can be several reasons for it like unwanted high pressure or sludge accumulated on the machine, etc.

The proper maintenance can make it more efficient, well-grounded, and dependable. On the other end, it is the higher maintenance cost that keeps displaying on the liability side of your balance sheet.  There are many cost-saving strategies that you apply in your business for every section. These setups also require a much lower maintenance cost strategy to save more money and energy. One should know the basic tactics of handling the machine to reduce the maintenance cost.  

Here are some tips to follow on lowering such costs and keep the air compressor healthy with long shelf life.

Prevent any Leaks:

It is well-said by Benjamin Franklin, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” The engineers working in the plant have to be proactive and keep a check on any leaks. If any leaks detected must be immediately cured. It is advised to inspect the piping system to prevent any leaks in the future.

Turn off the Compressors when not in Use:

Workers have shift timings. It is advised to turn off the compressor depending on the pattern they work for the unit. It can be in the evening or during weekends. This saves 20% of the electricity bills and contributes to the long operational life of the compressors. 

Reduce Pressure Whenever Required:

The engineer must handle compressors with high pressure. However, there are circumstances when there is no requirement of high pressure. Needless, high-pressure results in wastage of compressed air, clogged filters, and piping problems.  

Prevent Pressure Drops:

It occurs when the filters aren’t changed for a longer time. These filters are important to maintain as they are directly proportional to the air quality. 

Reuse the heat produced by compressors:

Approximately 90% of the heat generated by the compressors is given off as heat in the atmosphere. It can be reused for many purposes. This heat is a cost-saving technique in another mode Eg. It can be used as a ducting to heat the building. 

Cleaning the Machine: 

Any machine can be of a longer life if maintained properly. It should be cleaned regularly to remove dust, sludge, or grime deposited on the pipes. Special attention must be given to the air coolers and heat exchangers. They are prone to get dirtier. The cleaning/dusting must be done as specified in the equipment manufacturer operation manual/or as per site conditions. 

Check the Piping Design:

A proper piping system optimizes the movement and flow of compressed gas through pipes. If we increase the size of a pipe by few inches, the pressure drops get reduced by 50%. The piping infrastructure should be broad in diameter to minimize the pressure drops. It gives the machine a longer shelf life.  

Proper maintenance at regular intervals can reduce the maintenance costs along with the extended life cycle of the compressors.  Even it cuts energy costs. Zentech systems is an authorised supplier of air compressors and accessories. We are the pioneer in the industry with the best quotes ready for our clients. For air compressor supply and service supports, reach us today!

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