Complete Guide To Choose Air Compressors For Plastic & Packaging Industries

Complete Guide To Choose Air Compressors For Plastic & Packaging Industries

The plastic manufacturing sector supports a varied range of other industries, like aerospace, electronics, building & construction, transportation, and packaging, where polymer materials have crucial roles to play – as the search for more affordable, lighter in weight, and durable parts and components is rising steadily among industry stakeholders. According to data, the plastics industry is projected to grow and expand steadily even more in the years to come. 

An air compressor is an important investment, and one has to make sure that such a machine should be fully reliable. Air compressor for plastic & packaging industries play a very prime role in plastics production. Some of the very common applications of air compressors in plastics manufacturing are mentioned below:

  • Molding – The inflation of plastic into a desired shape
  • Injection – Filling a specific mold with molten plastic
  • Extrusion – Creating shapes with molten plastic
  • Production materials
  • A power source for pneumatic tools
  • The cleaning process

Let’s take a look at the factors which help in selecting the right air compressor for plastic & packaging manufacturing:


Downtime means loss of money. A good quality and trustworthy air compressor provides ease of mind, ensuring that the operations are up and running to optimise earnings.

Another reliable method is air compression for tools, especially in harsh working environments. Warehouses tend to get dirty and dusty, with suspended particles – making operations difficult for tools. They are also subject to drastic temperature swings. This is exactly where air compression works best.

A pneumatic air compressor can also help to ensure that operations run smoothly without facing any interruptions.

The Ability To Control The Power Output

In plastics manufacturing, one needs consistent power delivery to maintain the quality of the product(s) that is being produced. In simpler terms, power fluctuations negatively impact the product. When purchasing an air compressor, one should keep in mind to check that it allows manual operation. This allows users to set the output accordingly, to fit the requisite needs.

This ensures high energy efficiency levels during production processes, while enhancing the quality of the manufactured product. It’s definitely a win-win scenario.

Energy Efficient

The cost of ownership of an air compressor can be pretty high as it is a noteworthy investment for the business. The energy costs incurred by a compressed air system is quite significant, so it’s always advisable to choose a machine that ensures energy efficiency. An inefficient machine will end up expending more than the required energy – which will ultimately result in draining additional money for the business.

High Analytics Capacity

Easy access to notable operational data can come very handy to streamline the process of plastics manufacturing. This is helpful to determine and narrow down on any potential sectors for improvement, and to understand how to uniformly distribute energy and resources.

If the operations are to go down, quick and easy access to requisite information can make the experience even smoother.

Advantageous For Employees

Compressed tools have been seen to be easier for employees to handle, and they are prospective in terms of safety too. They do not need to be continuously charged either. Manufacturing processes don’t involve as many electrical issues, and hence they become quite safer.

There are usually two types of air compressors that are most convenient for use in plastics manufacturing:

Reciprocating Compressors

A reciprocating air compressor or piston compressor is a positive-displacement machinery that employs piston-driven crankshafts to exert immense pressure on air and other gases, which increases their density while decreasing their volume. Reciprocating compressors are hasslefree to maintain, with a very long service life of almost ten years.

Rotary Screw Compressors

A rotary screw compressor comes with a male and female rotors that function by intersecting longitudinally with minimum or negligible clearance. The rotors are fixed inside the stator, which compresses the air during rotation. Owing to their long service span, minimal maintenance requirements, and hasslefree mounting, rotary screw compressors have emerged to be one of the most widely used compressed air solutions for all kinds of plastics manufacturing and a wide range of other industries as well.

Finding The Best Air Compressor For The Plastics Industry

The plastics manufacturing and production process involves operations like blow molding and extrusion, which are only possible and best performed with compressed air.

It is essential to choose a pneumatic compressor that ensures streamlined operations that remain consistent and durable in the future. A top tier quality compressor with advanced analytics makes all the difference in facilitating smooth operations. Zentech Systems and Solutions provides the best quality air compressors available in the market, that serve a wide range of applications for all kinds of industrial needs.

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