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Scroll Compressor

Scroll compressors are positive-displacement devices that work by internal compression. Air (or other gas) is drawn in, trapped, reduced in volume and, finally, discharged at the outlet port. The concept of a scroll compressor has been around for more than a century, but it took more-recent advances in manufacturing technology to make the product viable.

Scroll Type Air Compressor

SLP Series

This is the cleanest and most silent mechanism of all. Multi-stage control is adopted to supply compressed air with an optimal number of compressors.

Range :
  • 1HP to 40 HP (Upto 10 bar)
  • Capacity: 2.62 CFM to 97.5 CFM

These compressors save energy. Read more about Product Features  


  • Printing machine
  • Food Industries
  • Semiconductor Development
  • Large Scale Painting
  • Diamond Industry
  • Hybrid Train
  • Medical operation
  • Dental Clinics
  • Laboratories

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