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Claw compressors have been developed specifically for industrial applications in which constant pressure, high pumping speed and completely oil-free compression are essential. Air is compressed with considerable energy savings compared to the traditional rotary lobe design due to contact free rotor design and oil, or any operating liquid, free operation.

Claw Air Compressor

Air Cooled Rotary Oil Free Claw Air Compressor

It is an ultimate oil-free compressor that provides high efficiency, durability and clean air. They are more efficient, environment friendly and easy to use. These models feature an oil-free, uniquely shaped claw compressor main unit that provides clean air, with an oil mist catcher as a standard component.

Range :
  • Available in 30 HP and 50 HP configuration only
  • Max working pressure 7 bar
  • Capacity: 30 HP - 131 CFM; 50 HP – 198 CFM

These compressors are extremely reliable. Read more about
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  • Medical
  • Laboratory
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Electronic Industries
  • Textile Industries
  • Food Processing

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