Why PPRCT Pipes Are Better Than Other Piping Solutions

Why PPRCT Pipes Are Better Than Other Piping Solutions

In the present day scenario, top industrial piping solution providers have come up with unique futuristic products that deliver the highest precision through the use of modern technology and premium quality components. This has ensured longer life of the products manufactured, reduced payback period of the investments and almost zero maintenance throughout the entire servicespan of the products. The raw materials being used are new and adequately upgraded with 25% higher MRS than any other grades of Polypropylene. The use of such a process increases the overall strength of the pipes along with the inner diameter than other standard pipes. Higher MRS sustains and ensures the pipes do not get damaged at high pressure or high temperature rendering them extremely robust and sturdy. PPRCT pipes are also known as pneumatic pipes and are extensively used for compressed air lines, nitrogen air, instrument air and vacuum transmit.

What is PPRCT?

With the advent of avant garde technology, Anjney Tubes India has come up with a brand new solution with the brand anime PPRCT. The true foundation of this technology is a special grade of polypropylene, an ISO 15874-2:2012, which is known as a global standard that comes with remarkable crystallinity and sandwich glass reinforcement technology. Anjney PPRCT is a revolutionary innovation in piping technology for the industrial sector.

Salient Features of PPRCT:

Technical comparison of PPRCT pipes with other piping system
  • Higher hoop stress than any other polymer grade variants.
  • Higher mechanical strength that helps in reducing wall thickness.
  • Higher element fIow which ensures energy saving.
  • Resistant to most of the chemicals between -5 degree Celsius to 95 degree Celsius.

Advantages of PPRCT Pipes:

PPRCT pipes have been in the market not very long and their demand is steadily rising. Such pipes can be used in a wide range of applications owing to the numerous benefits they provide. Here’s a list of all the top benefits of PPRCT pipes and fittings:

1. Resistant to Heat and Cold

One of the primary reasons for these pipes becoming popular is their excellent resistance to heat and cold. When these pipes are deployed, one can stay assured of the hasslefree installations during the cold season. Also, such pipes are known to be extremely heat resistant, owing to their low thermal conductivity. Above all, PPRCT pipes have the ability to withstand the pressure and strain of hot water steam.

2. Non-Toxic

PPRCT pipes are also in demand due to its non toxic nature and they do not carry any toxic materials. Therefore, these pipes are seen as the best choice in the event of supplying or transporting purified water or clean compressed air since it does not cause any kind of pollution. To say it more precisely, these pipes are suitable for the human body and also do not pose any harm to the environment.

3. Extended Durability

When one uses PPRCT pipes, then the need to replace them anytime soon gets eliminated. These pipes can withstand extreme hot or cold temperatures and do not crack as any liquids or other elements are transported. The chances of such pipes leaking are also diminished to a great extent, thanks to the excellent quality of raw materials used to manufacture them.

4. Abrasion Resistance

Hard and suspended particles usually found in the compressed air systems cause abrasion in pipes. However, when PPRCT pipes are used, one does not need to worry about damage or replacement as these pipes are immune from any kind of hard particles going through them. The installation time for setting up any system with the use of such pipes is also minimal as they can be shaped, cut or joined quite easily and smoothly. They are also known to be resistant to electrolysis which makes them a perfect choice for most kinds of industrial applications.

PPRCT Application Areas:

  • All types of waterline applications – Normal water, R.O. water, raw water, hot water.
  • All kinds of environmental applications – Effluent treatment plant (ETP), water treatment plant (WTP), DM water.
  • Process lines – Corrosive elements or chemicals, all types of oil lines.
  • Temperature line – High temperature chemical line, hot water condensation line.
  • Various utility applications – Cooling water line, chiller line.
PPRCT flow comparison with other piping system

Anjney PPRCT piping has been developed with a special grade of polypropylene coupled with glass reinforcement technology which caters all types of industrial needs. Recognised as one of the top industrial piping solution providers  their products reduce the maintenance cost while increasing the total life expectancy of the product itself and saving energy.

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