Why is professional installation of an air compressor necessary?

Why is professional installation of an air compressor necessary?

System installation is one of the most important services that keep an air compressor up and running. An efficient installation procedure can be ensured if technicians are highly trained who give proper guidelines to the operators for controlling and maintaining the system. Without knowledge, it is difficult to understand what makes an air compressor work in its optimum efficiency. But surely, a proper installation is one of those factors. 

Installation facts and system efficiency

Much like choosing a right air compressor suitable for business requirements and to satisfy the needs of the industrial plants, manufacturers must pay attention to the process of installation as well. As mentioned without professional help, desired cannot be achieved in case of both production and profitability. Additionally, life of a compressor not only depends on the right fit and how it is being controlled but also on initial stages like installation.

Before purchasing a compressor few things must be examined in detail for making the installation easier and appropriate too. Again, there are few factors which need to be taken care of during the procedure and some of the mandated jobs must be executed post installation too.

Professional installation procedure will no longer be critical if proper guidelines are followed. 

Areas of installation:

A right place for an air compressor is a clean, dry and well ventilated area. The place should be free of humidity and safe from the effects of natural calamities. Besides, there should be enough space to carry out equipment servicing as per requirement.


If the environment gets overheated around the compressor; it could damage the entire system over time. Air circulation must happen properly wherever the system is about to be installed.

Room Piping & Distribution Piping System:

Consistent and obstacle-free air pressure and flow depending on the way pipelines are designed and sized. The service of the air compressor systems depends highly on such factors if room piping is considered.

Distribution piping system is comparatively of complex design. Without professional help choosing a proper piping system tends to be difficult. While installing an air compressor system; non-corrosive, energy saving and leak proof technology must be adapted to achieve excellence.

Supply of electricity:

Preparing a good electric connection with the right voltage is the primary stage before installation. Consult a certified electrician who ensures that components are used in right quantities and ratings. These should be wired properly without leaving any loose ends. The fuse must be checked with the experts too for making sure it has enough capacity to supply the compressors and other equipment attached to it. Turning the switch off is a good way to control energy cost while not in use, even in the middle of the day.

Safety compliance:

Ethical installation with certificates and permits are important to maintain safety in the workshops or manufacturing plants. On a timely basis, air receivers are needed to be examined and their certifications are also required. 

Technical guidelines are to be followed properly placing a belt driven compressor with the belt side towards the enclosed wall. The distance between the wall and system must be of minimum 30cm.

Waste management:

To avoid chances of accident and strengthen workplace safety, oily water emitted from the compressor must be piped and disposed of, avoiding every possible chance of contamination and mishaps inside the workshop.

Routine maintenance:

To operate an air compressor system in an ideal way, a professional and well trained team must be engaged in that task. Previous experience in this field would be ideal. Only then systems can be started up avoiding all mistakes. Achieving desired outcome and optimum efficiency is highly dependent on regular maintenance of issues which are extremely important. Moreover, additional accessories must be installed with professional help to meet the performance criteria and for achieving longer life of the air compressor systems. 

Increased production begins with proper installation 

A complete installation service begins with suitable material acquisition, mechanical and electrical services and ends with a complete set up of the system attached to its related accessories. Additionally, following operational and preventive guidelines are necessary to achieve the efficient outcome. An air compressor can last up to ten years or more if these criteria are properly fulfilled.