Four Things Your Supplier Should Provide After Sales

Four Things Your Supplier Should Provide After Sales

Building long-term relationships with clients has become important for every business. Success is consistent when customers feel the supplier cares for them and provides after-sales service to help manage the business smoothly in the long run. Compressed air systems require technical assistance to tide over snags and breakdowns. There is a growing need to tie up with a reliable service provider – accessible at any time – with adequate resources to help overcome the routine and unforeseen problems with ease.

Customer Engagement

The service provider must stay connected with customers to ensure they are thoroughly satisfied. In the digital ecosystem, it has become easier to open multiple channels of communication with customers. A phone call, email or message is all you need to remain in touch with customers. Sending birthday and festival greetings strike an emotional chord while informative messages and scheme offers help customers understand the financial benefits better. Making additional efforts to know the performance or seeking updates on the current problems is another effective way to strengthen the relationship. An attempt to gather feedback related to the degree of satisfaction experienced by customers enables the service provider to further cement this relationship. Good, innovative suggestions from customers should be incorporated to improve the quality of service or add something new to the package. Assured customers become loyal to the service provider and stay away from any kind of experimentation because their primary need is to have a reliable service provider who does not let business operations suffer. Constant customer engagement irons out uncertainties, worries, and hassles.

Prompt Response

Avoid delayed response to customer queries. Frantic calls for assistance do not augur well for any service provider. The response has to be quick because the business operations are likely to get adversely affected if the maintenance or restoration job takes undue time. This makes the costs go up and profitability suffers. After-sales call from any customer located nearby or remote should be addressed with the same urgency and agility. Servicing timelines should be specified to assure the customer of prompt attention. Excuses such as non-availability or shortage of technical staff should not be furnished to justify a possible delay. This is likely to frustrate the customer who loses confidence in his supplier and starts exploring other options.

Minimum Stock of Spares

Share with customers the ample benefits of keeping a minimum stock of spare parts. It needs to be explained from the point of investment as well. Having spare parts helps in keeping the investment low and ensures the quick availability of genuine parts. There is no wastage of time and manpower where the stock is ready. Get high quality at low life cycle costs. Rapid delivery of spare parts, reliable logistics, and high-performance services are essential for smooth business operations. Besides, the use of original spare parts ensures warranties remain in force and fast identification of the correct parts is also possible. Trained personnel minimise waiting and delivery period. It reduces downtime to a minimum. Developing custom-made parts for your machine requires time. Hence it is wiser to place orders in advance and be prepared to meet eventualities. Long term safety and smooth production flow are ensured. It lowers maintenance expenditure, increases the service life of machines, and proves more cost-effective than the single purchase of spare parts.

AMC Initiative

Share with customers the ways to safeguard the compressor against untimely and costly repairs. Suggest annual maintenance contract to ensure maximum efficiency of the compressor. Make customers realise the scope of big savings in energy and maintenance costs, highest uptime and priority services. Identify potential areas of energy savings and provide appropriate solutions for the optimum use of compressed air. Regular maintenance allows energy audit and enhances years of trouble-free performance.

A team of expert technicians meets maintenance needs 24/7 and guarantees the continuity of production and operations. On-site repair or complete overhaul at the factory is possible. Explain to customers how AMC saves them from additional financial burden. Preventive maintenance service comprises full inspection using diagnostic tools to help identify ways to improve efficiency and reliability while reducing downtime. Spare parts are changed on time and routine maintenance work is carried out. Maintenance cost forecast is workable with AMC. Customise a flexible plan to suit company requirements.

With ever-changing market dynamics and customer demands, it is necessary to use resources effectively. As productivity and price are the major factors to get an edge over the competition, effective handling of utilities is very important. On account of service satisfaction, it is possible to build a large, growing family of happy customers. It also helps to create a WIN-WIN-WIN environment.

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