Best Practices for Replacing Refrigerant Compressor for Air Dryer

Best Practices for Replacing Refrigerant Compressor for Air Dryer

Air compressors are one of the most crucial equipments supporting the large scale industry. From time to time it needs maintenance for better performance. Any failure in the equipment focuses the owner on getting it treated or replace the old air compressor with the new one. The engineers operating them from several years can conclude the decision on whether to repair or replace them. Zentech, one of the top air compressor supplier in Kolkata, offers some handy tips for business owners on air compressor installation & services.

Often it is advised to replace the old compressor as the cost of repairing may exceed 50% of the cost of new one. It saves your energy costs (savings in electricity bill) and proves to be more efficient and productive than the old repaired one. Though new compressors carry a hefty price tag in the beginning but it is lower than the devastating repair and energy cost you incur by an old repaired compressor.  

When working in the field, it is the safety measures that everyone should follow during its replacement.

Here are number of factors to consider when you consider replacing the old compressors:

Scrutinize The Entire System:

The decision to replace air compressor is not taken within minutes of its non-performance. One should check the history of the system and the issues in detail like the dedicated electrical circuit, leaking pipes, parts of the compressor, and timely servicing details etc. It is mandatory to check the condition of coil, evaporator, and fans for good airflow. These details will answer your doubts on the compressors’ poor performance and help you in replacement decision. When replacement is assured; call the provider and get the new compressor installed and ready for use.  

Evacuate Gasses and Moisture:

It is one of the most important parts of the compressor change process. It is the non-condensable gasses that put high discharge pressure and stress on the compressor causing overwork. The engineers must release nitrogen gas that helps to absorb any excess moisture in the system and push non-condensable gases and contaminants out. Analyze beforehand the level of gasses and moisture in the compressor. It needs to be pulled out before replacement. You need to completely hydrate the machine.

Keep the Charging Guideline Ready:

When the system is leak free, hydrated and verified, it is the turn to deliver the correct charge to the system. Also, it is one of the challenging and puzzling task for a technician as it is system-dependent. Since the liquid and the suction-line length of the machine vary for use, it is difficult to deliver the right amount of charge. 

However, the name plate specifies the exact charge to be infused in the machine for its efficiency. Follow the rules mentioned in operational manual. Do not overcharge or undercharge the machine. It affects their long-term efficiency and performance. Any undercharge in the machine can lead to leaky pipes and overcharged system will lead to high pressures throughout the system that can lead to compressor damage.  

There are several conditions that will make your technicians realize on changing the old compressor. Some of the factors can be:

  • Too low suction pressure
  • When the current specification does not serve the potential need of your factory
  • When it becomes difficult to maintain temperature and high pressures 
  • Reduced efficiency of the machine

When you diagnose such issues in your compressor, it is the time to call the manufacturer and replace it with new one. Zentech Systems, being one of the top suppliers of air compressors in Kolkata and Eastern regions, offering with the best quote in market. Fill in our contact us form and we’ll reach out to you for specific requirement.

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